The importance of central root?

Most species of deciduous trees in our temperate climate, have a taproot root system. The Central Root (hereinafter CR) is the very first awakened and most active cell of a tree embryo, which does not cease its division and active growth throughout the life of the tree. The Central Root goes far into the depths from where it gets water and all the necessary trace elements to the tree, ensuring survival in any, most severe drought.

The tree with normal Central Root. Lateral roots are secondary and grow slowly.

When we grow a tree from a seed in a nursery, and then we dig it out, in order to transplant it to a permanent place, we will surely damage the central root. It’s unavoidable!
It is impossible not to damage it. length of the central root of a young tree, in the first years of life, several times longer than the length of its above-ground part.

Yes, after transplantation, the tree will release new, lateral roots, which will partly compensate for the function of a permanently damaged CR, but none of these secondary roots can even go to such depth as the CR.

The tree with damaged Central Root will try to compensate this by growing many lateral roots

In addition to the function of supply, the CR of trees also has a very important support function. If a tree with a damaged CR is also cut off part of the lateral roots, which is very often the case in the city when laying communications or asphalt. Such a tree will very soon fall in the wind, at which other nearby trees would not fall.

Fallen tree in the city
Fallen tree

If making an analogy with the human body, CR is essentially an analogue of the spine in the body of a tree. Having damaged it, we are transplanting for permanent residence already, in fact, a handicapped tree, which badly needs care for the first years and depends heavily on the human in the future. The lifetime of such a tree is at least 2-3 times less than the lifetime of its fellow with a full-fledged root system.

In this context, against the background of the growing involvement of the population in the restoration of green spaces and forests, it is very important to convey these simple truths to understanding, and to use valuable planting material grown with the Closed Root System.

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