7 personal conclusions about the #ICO in only 2 mouths of studying this subject

Until recently, a lot of information about block chain and crypto-currencies passed by me. Although I’ve been in the last two years, at several events dedicated, mostly, to the block chain, this topic did not bother me too much. But everything changed dramatically when I first heard the term #ICO. This happened two months ago at the conference Crypto economics in Chisinau. After that, all my free time of the past two months, I dedicated to learn everything about #ICO.

Lately I have visited several events, I had a lot of personal and virtual meetings with people who did already or plan to do # ICO, shoveling a bunch of articles, posts, videos and live broadcasts. So I decided for myself that it’s time to make some important conclusions and share them in a simple and affordable language:

  1. #ICO is a very new kind of crowdfunding, more precisely kraudinvesting in which there are absolutely no rules yet. The rules are setting by the one who does the #ICO. If around the project who has its rules, a critical mass of necessary people (investors) is formed – #ICO was held.
  2. In addition, with raising finance for any project, at the earliest stage, even at the stage of the idea, the #ICO allows to attract simultaneously other important resources: Customers who will further consume the product and attract new Customers, Testers they can test the product absolutely for free, narrow Specialists from all over the World, Volunteers … in a word, in a very short time, a global audience (community) is formed around any project!
  3. In order to go to #ICO it’s not enough to have a great idea capable of gathering around itself supporters from all around the world, you need also significant budgets (hundreds of thousands of $) and a fairly wide range of competencies you can find in different members of the team.
  4. Any successful # ICO is an 80% mix of quality PR and Online Marketing. Everything else is a matter of technology.
  5. The lack of regulation, on the one hand, makes it possible to do anything to anyone; On the other hand, carries risks that may arise with the advent of this regulation. And first of all, by the US legislation.
  6. No one will do #ICO for you. Even if you have the budget. The authors of the project should be necessarily involved in #ICO. In the global market today there are no specialists or teams that could guarantee the success of any #ICO, for a simple reason – that this is a very new market and technology. Especially – they are not in Moldova. If I’m wrong – please do correct me.
  7. #ICO is a team work! To implement a successful # ICO you need a team of 5-10 dedicated professionals (or very strong enthusiasts able to learn on the go) and a few narrowly specialized agencies and technicians are needed. The team works almost 24/7. Technicians are involved in point tasks.

That’s why, around our first project, we decided to form ICO LAB Moldova #ICOLABmd. The name we can change. So, here we invite specialists from Moldova and not only who want to get experience in the real #ICO project. The main focus we plan to make on projects linking crypto and the real world.

Our first project called “International Network of Coworking Center” and we are preparing to launch it on #ICO.

So, if you like our project and you know already what is #ICO or own the necessary qualifications. We invite you to get a real experience of participating in a real # ICO. Write on messenger or leave comments right here and we will build together a fantastic team and project.

This post-invitation is writed in Russian, translated in Romanian and English. Is up to you to Share It with you friends and other interested neighbords.