The importance of central root?

Most species of deciduous trees in our temperate climate, have a taproot root system. The Central Root (hereinafter CR) is the very first awakened and most active cell of a tree embryo, which does not cease its division and active growth throughout the life of the tree. The Central Root goes far into the depths from where it gets water and all the necessary trace elements to the tree, ensuring survival in any, most severe drought.

The tree with normal Central Root. Lateral roots are secondary and grow slowly.

When we grow a tree from a seed in a nursery, and then we dig it out, in order to transplant it to a permanent place, we will surely damage the central root. It’s unavoidable!
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Deșert sau Paradis – Sepp Holzer

Desert sau Paradis
Desert sau Paradis - Sepp Holzer

BookName: Deșert sau Paradis.

Author (s): Sepp Holzer, în colaborare cu Leila Dregger

ISBN: 987-9975-9598-3-4

Language: Moldovenească, Română – traducere din Germană; traducere Irina Scheusan.

Year: 2014

Publisher: DAAC-Hermes pres

Pages: 208

BookDescription: Deșert sau paradis: De la restaurarea peisajelor pe cale de dispariție prin acvacultură și amenajarea de habitare până la grădinărit urban.

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